Il Gusto dei Colori

Roberta Billitteri is an agricultural entrepreneur who deals with “agri-culture” in Polizzi Generosa, a small town in the heart of Madonie National Park. In this beautiful area, ancient agriculture is survived by extraordinary products. Roberta cultivates the fagiolo badda and the pepper of Polizzi Generosa, both slow food presidiums and memory of the territory in which they have been cultivated (and consumed) for generations. She has decided to grow them without chemicals and in the most suitable lands, therefore reactivating the traditional agricultural production processes and recovering the cultural traditions. Her main objective is to make the flavors known by the general public and promote the reproduction of the virtuous experiences of healthy productions that respect human labor and the environment.

Terre di Carusi

In 2014, Terre di Carusi began to clean up the land at their disposal, restoring and preserving two precious biomes at risk for extinction. They allocated a small plot for the production of seasonal vegetables destined for the local community. They soon realized that, in addition to the recovery of the abandoned lands, they had to start from scratch with planting of new trees as an initial source of renewal. Terre di Carusi began to produce fresh products and looked to utilize the multi-functionality of the company to their advantage. That’s when they began to transform their products into jams and marmalades. “Currently we have about 6 hectares of land with a diversified production of oranges, apricots, and olives, but what we aspire to is that the entire territory of our municipality become a driving force for development and hope for the future, for young people who want to become involved.”

Nettare di Sicilia

Nettare di Sicilia is an agricultural society whose partners Mario, Giovanni, and Nicolò Cirrito have made their father Antonino’s passion their own for about 25 years. Operating in Caltavuturo, a small town inside the Madonie National Park, they maintain their professional beekeeping business, dealing with the production of honey, swarms for pollination and reproduction, propolis, and wax processing. Nettare di Sicilia is a founding members of the Association Apis Mellifera Siciliana, whose efforts focus on the reintroduction of the native bee Mellifera siciliana in northwestern Sicily.

Sicily on Horseback

Sicily on Horseback is an association that organizes horse trekking and hiking. Their aim to promote equestrian tourism in Sicily, showing its wildest side, traditions, and culture. Sicily on Horseback is located within the Madonie National Park, one of the largest and most varied landscapes in Sicily. They organize day trips and weeklong trekking. Their main destinations are the Madonie National Park and Mount Etna. These excursions allow you to admire beautiful views and get in touch with rural nature: small villages, unspoiled landscapes, wild forests, and beautiful beaches. Their horses, exclusively of Sicilian origin, live free in the pastures and are trained by them according to natural taming principles.

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Ulysses focuses on non-conventional cultural tourism, promoting activities related to parts of Italy’s less discovered territory. Networking with beautiful neighboring countries and creating synergy makes the tourist experience unique and unforgettable. Ulysses aims to convince the tourist to participate in experiential tourism in which they become an active protagonist rather than a mere spectator. The tourist is no longer limited to observing and only taking with them photos they’ve taken. We aim to provide a unique and memorable souvenir to accompany the emotional experience of experiencing a country’s traditions.

Rosamaria’s Sicilian Cooking Class

The great success of our cooking classes can be attributed to Rosamaria Messina. Every single dish of hers carries her signature passion and great knowledge of Sicilian culinary traditions. Rosamaria’s classic Sicilian hospitality has made it possible to satisfy diverse needs of Madonie Holidays’ guests — and we promise that every single one of her cooking students have been won over by her Sicilian cuisine.

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