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Situated on Sicily’s sun-soaked northern coast, Cefalù is brimming with natural beauty, history, and the friendliest locals you could ever meet. Venture to ancient villages for an insight into the region’s culinary heritage, journey along the coast with a sunset sail or full day sail, or create your own path with a private charter on the open water. We at Madonie Holidays are here for all your travel needs!

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Nature, sun, and sea await you in the stunning coastal town of Cefalù. Whether you are looking for a relaxing retreat in Madonie National Park or a centrally located apartment in the heart of town, Madonie Holidays has accommodations to suit every traveller’s needs. Simply take your pick from our options below, and join us in paradise!

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As a small local tour operator, we are passionate about showcasing the rich cultural, gastronomic, and artistic heritage of Cefalù. For a warm Sicilian welcome and quality customer service, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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